Specialist IT support for the Hotel Industry

Q: Are you getting proper support from your PMS supplier?

A: Man on a Bike are experienced with the major PMS companies, including Fidelio, Guestline, Aremis, NFS and Omega, and know them well enough to get your problems solved quickly.

Q: Do you need someone to keep an eye on your systems without going to the expense a full time IT manager?

A: Man on a Bike can provide the security and assurance of an IT manager for a fraction of the cost whilst maintaining an understanding of your specific system.

Q: Do you rely on your PMS vendor to advise you on your network? You may only be getting half of the advice that you require with none of the support for the non-PMS functions that you have.

Solution : Man on a Bike covers all aspects of your IT set-up.

Q: Do the companies you use to fix your IT problems understand the special requirements of Hotels?

A: With years of experience running Hotel IT systems, telephones, interfaces, etc we know that a hotel is nothing like an office. You operate 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Guests always come first and we understand what is important to you. With our strong links with all of the major PMS and hospitality systems you get the specialist service that you need.

Q: How would your business be affected if when you switched on your computers this morning all the data on the hard drive was gone? This can and HAS happened to many hotels!

Are you confident that you are protected against viruses? Over 70 new viruses come out each day many of which will harm your network and anti-virus updates are only of benefit if you are up to date!

Do you have a backup procedure and will all your information be there when you need to recover it? When did you last backup your system AND recover using your backup tapes??

A: With a Man on a Bike management contract your backups are checked, latest virus protection installed and you get peace of mind.

Man on a Bike provides Advice, Support, Management and Training for all of your IT needs. We are a TSP (Total Solution Provider) and can tailor a solution to your requirements. Our experience in the hospitality sector comes from years of managing hotels' IT in-house, covering :

  Interactive TV, and
  Back of house functions too.

This sort of understanding is not found with general office computer technicians and not being attached to any specific vendor the advice you are given is independent and impartial.

Whether it is sorting out your current problem, managing your existing system or giving advice and support on a project we can provide the service you need.